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14 Jun 2019

Gensim: convert GloVe to word2vec model

GloVe means Global Vectors for Word Representation. The authors provide pre-trained word vectors models learned on such collections as: Wikipedia...

04 Jun 2019

Tenforflow: convert keras model to Tensorflow Lite

In today’s article, I will briefly show you how to convert the Keras model (.h5) to Tensorflow-Lite (.tflite). This action...

29 May 2019

Horovod: distributed training with Tensorflow from Uber

Horovod is a great tool for distributed training. This Uber-made framework is built on the basis of MPI and TCP...

21 May 2019

Multiprocessing: using the pool to parallel calculations

Modern processors have many cores and threads. Why not use them for calculations in Python? Many frameworks have built-in support...

10 May 2019

Time: measure execution time of function

Today I would like to show how make a handle to measure the execution time of the function. When you...

02 May 2019

Tensorflow: CuDNNLSTM vs LSTM - weights

In the previous article I wrote about difference in performance between CuDNNLSTM and LSTM layers. CuDNN layers are much faster....

26 Apr 2019

Tensorflow: CuDNNLSTM vs LSTM - performance

CuDNNLSTM is fast implementation of Long Short Term Memory with cuDNN backend. In this article I present the performance comparsion...